Learn to write numbers



“Educational app made for children who are initiating the process of writing numbers. Created by and for teachers based on their own experiences in the classroom.

10 numbers. 10 different characters. 10 stories based on these characters that will facilitate the internalization of each of the fine lines with which numbers are written and will assertively guide the child in the right direction by remembering just one phrase.

All content has been founded upon the basis of respecting the characteristics, the progress and evolution of children between these ages.




• Different characters with fun interactions.

• Eye catching backgrounds with the numbers integrated in them.

• The possibility of printing them out and working on the sheets in a more traditional way.

• A very intuitive app that encourages autonomous learning.

• Efficient resource for both teachers and parents.

• It awakens the child´s interest and motivation.

• Ideal for preschoolers, age 2-5.

• Original artwork.

• Play wherever you are – without WiFi or internet.

•Safe and kid-friendly – no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, play without any interruptions!



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